What we plan to do

Working towards climate neutrality

Our ambition is to become climate neutral by 2040/ However electrifying our fleet is not enough. We need to address emissions across our value chain. This involves using greater climate neutral energy in both our own operations and among our suppliers, as well as making better use of materials and componants. So we are aiming to reduce our lifecycle emissions per vehicle by 40% by 2025.

Fully electric by 2030

A global transition to electrified cars is essential if the world is to reach net zero emissions by 2050, and to limit the impacts of climate change. By 2025 we are aiming for 50% of our sales to be fully electric, and by 2030 we will only produce fully electric vehicles.


Our full electric cars will be 100% leather free, this has started with our brand new C40. In doing so we are taking a stand for animal welfare. Instead of the tradition leather we offer our customers high-quality, sustainable materials made from bio-based and recycled sources.

Responsible Cobalt sourcing

Cobalt is a vital component in the production of electric car batteries. In some cases, the extraction of cobalt can have human rights impacts.

We use blockchain technology to increase transparency and traceability of our cobalt supply chain ensuring that information about the materials origin cannot be changed undetected. We also use several other processes, in conjunction with our suppliers, including mine site inspections and GPS tracking to help ensure that cobalt within our batteries is sourced responsibly.

What does this mean?

This means that if there was any doubt about a battery and its components then the whole process could be tracked back through the manufacturing process and to the mine of origin.