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Model Description

Advanced Payment

EX30 Plus Single Motor Extended Range £3,499
EX30 Ultra Single Motor Extended Range £3,999
C40 Plus Single Motor (*MY24 only) £3,499
XC40 Plus Single Motor (*MY24 only) £3,499
XC40 B3P Plus Dark £3,499

*MY24 C40 & XC40 BEV have high levels of stock availability therefore it is not possible to place a new factory order for these variants.

Tyn Lon Garage Ltd is pleased to be a part of the Motability Scheme, a registered charity which enables disabled people to lease a new car every three years by trading their Government-funded mobility allowance. We provide a range of premium Motabilty models with a choice to suit every lifestyle. Complete with full breakdown cover, insurance for you and up to two named drivers and more benefits. A selection of vehicles are on offer in our showrooms, with a host of convenient adaptations available to make driving and living with your next car easier and more comfortable, often at no extra cost to you. You can also benefit from hi-tech features to increase your independence, such as parking sensors and satellite navigation to further enhance your on-board experience. Get in touch with us today for help and advice or book a test drive. Our Motability experts can also support you in finding out whether you're eligible for the scheme.