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Here in the United Kingdom, we have a mixed bag of weather conditions. Admittedly, more times than not, wet and miserable weather! We have tyres available for every occasion (Summer/Winter/All Season) and every budget.

*If tyres are 3mm or less, there is a greater risk of increased stopping distances and you're more likely to lose traction.

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Drive with confidence in any weather.

All-season tyres offer the best of both worlds. They don’t provide the same precision as summer tyres in dry conditions, nor do they corner quite like winter tyres during the colder months, but they do offer year-round consistency. Engineered with a soft compound and unique tread pattern, all-season tyres outperform summer models when temperatures drop below 7c, meaning you won’t need to swap them out.

Rely on safety made to last in all weathers.

  • A softer tread compound that remains flexible in freezing temperatures, maintaining grip and precision.
  • Effective clearing of slush and ice through lateral grooves.
  • Wider circumferential grooves and heavy shoulder blocks produce short braking distances in icy conditions.

Benefit from increased AQUAPLANING resistance.

This is when water forms a wedge between your tyres and the surface of the road. It’s hazardous because it affects your ability to steer and often spins the car out of control. However, modern tyres reduce the risk of aquaplaning by using deep tread grooves to evacuate water quickly. Nonetheless, it’s still a driving danger you should be mindful of.

Tyre Safety | Checks really are so simple, an adult can do it.

Checking your tyres takes minutes and should be done once a month and before long journeys. It’s also great to educate your family and loved ones about the importance of tyre safety and checking tyres regularly.

You can use a 20p coin to check the tread depth of your tyre. Simply place the coin in the tread of the tyre, across the width and all four tyres on your vehicle. If any of the rim is visible your tyres may be illegal and should be checked by a professional. The legal tread depth limit on your tyres is 1.6 mm, and failure to comply could result in a fine of up to £2,500 and 3 penalty points per tyre.

Don’t forget to also check the condition and pressures on your tyres. You can find details on the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle in your handbook, or by visiting our friendly and expert team of service advisors and technicians.

To check the condition, simply inspect your tyres for any foreign objects or stones that may be lodged in the tread. If you can safely remove them, do so. If you see any damage as a result of any foreign objects, or notice any cuts or bulges, get your tyres looked at by a professional to ensure they are safe to drive on.