Care By Volvo

Care by Volvo

The flexible car subscription from Volvo

This is our open-ended care subscription offering a flexible alternative to leasing or buying a brand new car. With Care by Volvo, you simply pay a monthly fee for a Volvo car of your choice.

  • Clear and Hassle Free – No hidden cost, no hassle, no haggling. There is not even a deposit, just a clear monthly payment. It only takes minutes to order.
  • Extensive and Inclusive – You pay a clear monthly fee for your well-specced Volvo. This also includes your vehicle tax, maintenance, repairs and wear-and-tear cover..

Freedom to choose

Subscribe flexibly to change car or cancel whenever – with just 3 months’ notice. Alternatively, subscribe for a fixed 36-month period and pay a lower fee.


Care by Volvo



Terms of offer

Open ended 3 months’ notice

Switch and exit

Mileage allowance

Fixed term 36 months

Early termination and contract transfer (40% of remaining balance)

Mileage allowance

Cars available

Customisable and ready to deliver (30-daylead-time)    All car lines, curated selection

Services offered

  • Customer care                                                               warranty and repairs
  • Tyre service (wear and tear)                                          legal inspection (MOT)
  • Volvo cars App                                                               Replacement car.
  • Car servicing
  • Roadside assistance

Flex Option (open ended subscription and termination

What is it (like Netflix)

The subscription is open ended which means that it will continue until the customer (or CbV) chooses to terminate it.

The subscription starts on the date of delivery of the car

The customer can choose to terminate the CbV subscription at any point in time but needs to notify CbV at least three months in advance.

How it works

To terminate the subscription the customer contacts CbV

The termination becomes effective if:

  • Made by email
  • Customer calls CbV and gets the termination by email.

Commercial rules

  • Three months’ notice for termination starts once the delivery of the first car is done
  • Termination becomes effective once sent to, or confirmed by, CbV in writing.

Fixed Term (reduced rate)

What is it

The fixed term subscription comes with a defined contract period (36 months) and a pre-defined termination date.

The subscription starts on the date of delivery of the first car.

How it works

To terminate the subscription the customer contacts CbV

The termination becomes effective if:

Made by email

Customer calls CbV and gets the termination by email.

Commercial rules

  • Fixed contracts start once the delivery of the first car is done
  • Termination date is pre-defined based on contract length
  • A termination fee is charged if the customer would like to exit before the agreed term ends- 40% of the remaining monthly fees
  • Possible to transfer the contract to another person if the transfer is approved by Volvo – transfer fee paid by original customer.


What it is

The cash offering is another option on the Care by Volvo website, where a customer can purchase a vehicle outright.

This purchase also comes with some benefits such as

3 years servicing and maintenance

3 years complimentary insurance

3 years roadside assistance and a plug surfing card.

How it works

A customer can order a cash vehicle the exact same way they would order a subscription vehicle, but they will need to select buy under the subscribe or buy section at checkout.

Commercial rules

£500 deposit required, refunded after sales contract signed

Cash offer limited to BEV only

Customer has until handover to cancel order (14 days to return after handover. However, full refund is dependant on condition of vehicle.)

B2B (Business to Business)

What it is

As for now the B2B offering is the same as the offering for B2C as to what is included in the subscription.

There is a different check-out process for purchasing the B2B offering and there are slightly different T&C’s

How it works

The checkout for a B2B customer is very much the same as a B2C customer, however they will need to select business at the private or business selection of the checkout. This will then remove VAT from the price.

The B2B customer will enjoy the same benefits as a B2C customer.

Switching Vehicle (only for flex customers)

What it is

A switch is when an existing CbV customer wants to change their current CbV car to a different one.

The car they switch to can be either new or used and depends on what is currently available in the offer.

How it works

To switch the customer contacts Customer Relations

To be eligible for a switch the customer:

  • Cannot already have a switch request
  • Cannot have done a switch within the last 3 months.

The customer can switch to any car available in the current CbV offer and will use their own car until the new car is ready for delivery.

The customer returns the old car in conjunction to the delivery of the new car.

Commercial rules

Only one pending switch allowed at a time

There must be at least 3 months between initiation of switch requests.

Customer will use the current car until the switch car is delivered

Mileage to be settled upon car return

Switch is not to be confused with order change which applies to all cases before the first CbV car has been delivered.


What it is

The subscription comes with a base mileage allowance which is proportionally adjusted depending on the time during which the customer keeps the car.

CbV offer several mileage allowances with varying price uplifts for the customer to choose between.

During the subscription, the customer may request a change of mileage allowance if they foresee that they will not end up in the agreed mileage level

How it works

The customer chooses their yearly mileage allowance when placing their order.

The customer can request a change of mileage allowances (increase or decrease) at any time

When the customer returns the car after a switch or exit a settlement is initiated in which the included annual mileage is converted to months. If the customer exceeds the mileage allowance, a fee for over mileage will apply.

As of 9/2/22- Maximum mileage allowance now 40000 a year

Over-mileage charge is 20pence per mile

Commercial rules

A change of mileage allowance will trigger an adjustment of the subscription fee going forward

When the customer increases their mileage allowance, they are charged a sum according to months passed times the difference in monthly price. This charge is distributed over several months, ending when 24 months have passed since the delivery of the first car

When a customer requests a mileage bucket downgrade, they are not charged a fee, nor do they receive a refund for months passed.

Ready to deliver

Stock cars are pre-built cars that are available for delivery within 1 month after CbV have received the customers pre-payment

The customer places their ready to deliver car subscription order in the product selector. Delivery lead time is 30 days from order confirmation.

Accessories can be fitted by dealer


Since MY23, customers have the option to select form Core plus and ultimate. The customer can further edit their vehicle by selecting the exterior colour, wheels, and interior (may include an additional charge)

Has the last date of change date to change.

Return of Car (RoC)

What it is

At the end of the subscription, the vehicle will be collected from an address of the customers choosing. An inspection of the car will be conducted with the customer present.

The inspector will point out what is not deemed acceptable damage under the BVRLA guidelines (should there be any damage to report)

If any damage is identified, the cost of the repair will be added to the customer’s final invoice.

How it works

Flex- customer will provide 3 months’ notice to terminate their subscription to the CRC, CRC and Fleet Ops will arrange for the vehicle to be collected on the agreed upon date and location.

Fixed- the collection with take place on the predetermined end date of the fixed term contract. The same inspections apply.

Commercial rules

Flex customers can cancel their RoC and continue with their subscription.

Damaged not acceptable by BVRLA will be charged on the customer final invoice.

Fix term can terminate early but subject to a charge of 40% of remaining payments.