V60 & V90 | The Pinnacles Return


We are very excited to announce the return of the much loved Volvo Estate! Here at Tyn Lon Volvo we've always been asked by our customers why the estates (v60 and v90) were taken off sale and when they would return, truth be told we never wanted them to disappear and we certainly didn't know if they would return. A large part of our customers have always bought our coveted estates, some continuing to buy Volvo's since the 60's, and many of those customers, since buying their first Volvo from us when we opened in 1977. A Volvo Estate isn't just any estate and it truly remains a large part of Volvo History!

In August of last year, Volvo Cars UK made the strategic decision to remove the V60 and V90 from sale amid a declining appetite for estate cars. However, recent months have seen a surprising turnaround in consumer preferences. “We removed the V60 and V90 from sale in the UK last August amid falling appetite for estate cars,” a Volvo Cars UK spokesperson explained. “While this remains a long-term trend, we have seen a resurgence for our estate products in recent months and have decided to reintroduce the V60 and V90 to our UK portfolio in response to this. We will begin taking orders next month.

This resurgence in demand can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, estate cars have long been valued for their practicality, offering ample boot space and versatile seating arrangements that cater to families, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Unlike SUVs, estates often provide a lower centre of gravity, resulting in better handling and driving dynamics. This balance of functionality and performance has always been a hallmark of estate cars, and it appears that UK consumers are once again recognising these benefits.

Moreover, the shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles has played a crucial role in reviving interest in estate cars. With growing environmental awareness and stricter emissions regulations, consumers are increasingly seeking vehicles that combine eco-friendliness with everyday practicality. Volvo’s estate models, particularly with their hybrid powertrains, align perfectly with these evolving preferences. The reintroduced V60 and V90 will both feature plug-in hybrid variants, showcasing Volvo’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Model Specifications

The reintroduced models will cater to a variety of consumer preferences and needs. The V60 will be available in several configurations:

• Plus & Ultra B4 Mild-Hybrid
• Plus T6 Plug-in Hybrid
• Ultra T8 Plug-in Hybrid

These options ensure that the V60 can meet various performance and efficiency requirements, from the environmentally conscious to those seeking more power and versatility.

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The larger V90 will be offered exclusively as a plug-in hybrid, with two distinct trim options:

• Plus T6 Plug-in Hybrid
• Ultra T8 Plug-in Hybrid

This focus on hybrid technology aligns with Volvo’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

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Volvo’s decision to bring back the V60 and V90 estate cars underscores the company's flexibility and responsiveness to market demands. With orders set to open next month, UK customers will once again have the opportunity to own these versatile and stylish estate cars, now enhanced with modern hybrid technology. As Volvo continues to adapt to the evolving automotive landscape, the return of the V60 and V90 represents a strategic move to satisfy the renewed interest in estate vehicles.